Adding the Common Worship Lectionary to your calendar

Would you like to add the Common Worship Lectionary to your church's ChurchSuite Calendar? Here is how it can be done:

Get an iCal/ICS file for the Common Worship Lectionary

We have found a great website that makes the Common Worship Lectionary available as an iCal/ICS file - available here. Note: this link worked at time of writing, if for some reason it doesn't work for you, please try and search to find the right file on the internet.

On the website, scroll down to where it says "Select Download Type", choose "Apple iCal iCal file" and click "download". This should give you the CW Lectionary as a ".ics" file, which you will be able to import into ChurchSuite.

Import the Common Worship Lectionary into your calendar

Once you have a ".ics" file of the Common Worship Lectionary, go to "Calendar" > "Events" in ChurchSuite and click the "Import Events" button at the top of the page.

Click on "Choose file" and select the .ics calendar file from your computer. Then, click the "Import ICS/iCal File" button.

The lectionary events will be created with an "Imported" category, which you can easily rename to something more descriptive afterwards.

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