How to import events into your Calendar module

Importing an existing calendar into ChurchSuite is simply, easy and quick. Here is how you can do it.

Make sure you have your calendar file in the right format

The first step is getting your calendar into an iCal/ICS file. This is a standard format used for calendars. You are basically looking for a file that looks like this: name_of_calendar.ics

Different calendar applications enable you to export your calendar. Here are a few:

Follow the instructions for your Calendar application and, once you have your .ics file, move on to the next section. Note that you may wish to edit the .ics file or restrict which events are exported to the .ics file, rather than having a file of all your events (which may include many past years of events).

Importing your calendar file into ChurchSuite

Make sure you have a calendar file in the right format (ICS or iCal) - if you don't, see above.

In ChurchSuite, go to "Calendar" > "Events" and click the "Import events" button at the top of the page.

Click on "Choose file" and browse and select the iCS/iCal file from your computer. Then, click the "Import ICS/iCal File" button.

Events are imported into an "Imported" event category - there is no "category" field in a .ics file that ChurchSuite can use to map imported events to your various categories in the Calendar module. Note also that .ics files do not contain any event sequence data, so it is not possible to re-create event sequences when importing from a .ics file - instead events are all created as standalone events. You may therefore prefer to re-create your event sequences from scratch so that you have greater control moving forwards when making changes to event sequences and having those changes update all dates within a sequence.

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