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Creating a booking sequence
Editing a booking sequence
Adding dates to an existing booking sequence
Deleting a single booking within a sequence
Deleting an entire booking sequence

Creating a booking sequence

How you create a booking sequence will depend on the nature of the booking - whether it's an internal booking linked to an event or an unlinked booking for an external customer.

1. Link the booking to an event sequence in the Calendar module

When you add a booking for an event that is part of an event sequence - for example, a multi-date discipleship course - ChurchSuite will give you the option to create a linked booking sequence to match the event sequence dates.

From an event "View" page in the Calendar module select Add booking:

The Add booking page is opened with all the event details populated into the booking fields. If the event is a multi-date sequence, a Confirm Booking Dates pop-up lists all the event sequence dates. Click Confirm.

The event sequence dates are copied into the Add booking page, so that when the booking is saved, a booking sequence matching the event sequence is created, with each event date having a linked, matching booking. Complete the rest of the "Add booking" details before saving the changes to create the linked booking sequence.

When the multi-date booking is saved, the In this sequence section on the right hand side of the booking "View" page lists the other bookings in the same sequence. The Action menu allows you to View sequence and there is also an Events linked to this booking section linking back to the event in the Calendar module.

2. Create a multi-date booking not linked to an event

To create an unlinked booking, select Add booking...

...or duplicate an existing booking from the Action menu.

Depending on your module settings, you may need to select Not linked to an event.

If the sequence does not have a regular pattern, use the Add single date function to add as many dates as required, editing them appropriately:

If the sequence has a regular pattern, use Add multi-date to add the required date range From and To and the Frequency...

ChurchSuite will add a booking for each date specified and link them together into a sequence. This is helpful when changes are made to a booking - the changes can be applied to some or all dates within the sequence, without needing to manually apply the change to each individual booking instance. When the multi-date booking is saved, the In this sequence section on the right hand side of the booking "View" page lists the other bookings in the same sequence and you can view the entire sequence via the Action menu:

Editing a booking sequence

When making changes to a booking that is part of a multi-date sequence, those changes are only applied to the booking that is being edited. However, if you tick the Update entire sequence option at the bottom of the booking being edited, you can choose to apply the changes made to some or all other bookings in the same sequence.

Selecting Update entire sequence surfaces a number of sequence update options, allowing you to select the time frame within the booking sequence to update...

... whether you want to apply All settings from this booking...

...or Selected changes from those listed:

Adding dates to an existing booking sequence


Care should be taken when adding dates to booking sequences that are linked to events in your Calendar module. It's essential that the extra event dates are first added to the event sequence in the Calendar module, before adding dates to a booking sequence - this step is necessary so that you can link the added booking dates back to the added events. Linking added booking dates to the wrong events will result in mismatched dates between your events and bookings!

You can easily add additional dates into an existing sequence. When viewing a booking, click the Add button and select Add to sequence.

The Add booking page opens. If the existing booking sequence is not linked to an event sequence, the Add booking page will default to adding a Not linked to an Event booking to the sequence. Use the Add single date and Add multi-date options to specify the additional sequence date(s) to be added, then click Save to add the booking(s) - the booking(s) will be added to the existing unlinked booking sequence.

However, if the existing booking sequence is Linked to an event sequence, the Add booking page will default to adding a booking Linked to an event. The workflow now requires you to ensure the correct event date is selected so that the additional booking is added for the correct date and linked to the correct matching event.

In the example below we are adding an additional booking date to a Leadership Development booking sequence. The additional event date has already been added to the Leadership Development event sequence in the Calendar module; we now need to link the additional booking date to that additional event date.

As before, click Add to sequence and then search for and select the appropriate event sequence to link to.

The list of possible dates to link to in the event sequence is now visible. Click the cross next to each date that is already linked to a booking...

...until the only date remaining is the additional booking date you are adding. Click Confirm...

...and the Add booking page now only shows the single date being added. Click Save to add the new booking to the existing booking sequence.

The new booking is linked to the corresponding event date in the Calendar module:

Deleting a single booking within a sequence

You can delete an individual booking within a multi-date booking sequence without affecting the rest of the sequence. Open the specific booking you wish to delete and click Delete in the top right corner of the page. Only that one booking date is removed; the rest of the sequence remains unchanged.

You will need to confirm you wish to delete the booking...

...and if the booking is Linked to an event, you'll have the option to delete the linked event too, including all data associated with that event, such as event sign-ups.

You can also delete bookings from the Bookings list by selecting Delete from the Action menu - the same delete confirmation process explained above applies here, too.

Deleting an entire booking sequence

If you wish to delete multiple dates within a booking sequence or even the entire sequence of bookings, click through to the booking page for any date in the sequence and select View sequence from the sequence Action menu.

The sequence Bookings list is displayed - Future dates are listed by default. You can use the view filter to switch to viewing Past bookings if you wish:

Use the checkboxes on the left hand side of the list to select some or all of the bookings that are to be deleted and then select Delete from the batch Actions menu; follow the on-screen instructions to confirm the deletion. If the bookings being deleted are linked to an event, you'll have the same options as above (when deleting a single booking) to optionally delete the linked events and any event sign-ups.

Warning! Mismatches

When working with bookings that are linked to events in your Calendar module (e.g. internal bookings for your church's events) be careful when making changes to the dates or times of bookings or events. Be sure to update the changes in both modules. If a linked booking and event have different dates, a mismatch information message is displayed alerting you to correct the discrepancy:

The Mismatched Events report in the Bookings module's Reports section also provides a complete list of any bookings and events that are mismatched.

Top Tip!

If in any doubt, the safest and easiest workflow is to create event sequences first and then use the "Add booking" button at the top of the event page. Using this method will ensure a matching booking sequence is correctly created for the event sequence. If you later need to extend a linked booking sequence, always begin by adding the date(s) to the event sequence before extending the booking sequence - then you will have the correct events available to link your extra booking dates back to.

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