Booking sequences

Bookings sequences are a really easy way to group together all bookings for the same event, or purpose. Sequences save you the hassle of going through each individual booking and editing or deleting details.

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Creating a booking sequence
Editing a booking sequence
Adding dates to an existing booking sequence
Deleting a single booking within a sequence
Deleting an entire booking sequence

Creating a booking sequence

There are a few easy ways to create a Booking sequences in ChurchSuite:

1. Link the booking to an event sequence in the Calendar module

If your booking is linked to an event in the Calendar module, then ChurchSuite will pull across all the details of the event. If the event you link to is part of a sequence of events, ChurchSuite will give you the option to create a linked booking for each of those dates - essentially creating a booking sequence that matches your event sequence.

2. Create a Booking with Multiple dates

When you create an unlinked Booking (i.e. not linked to events in your Calendar module) with multiple dates ChurchSuite will automatically create them in a Booking sequence.

3. Duplicate an existing Booking on multiple dates

For those times where you already have a single date 'standalone' booking, but later decide that you want to add other dates to booking; you can duplicate from that single date booking to create a new booking sequence. To do this, locate your original Booking in "Bookings" > "Bookings" and select 'Duplicate booking'.

This will then take you to the 'Add Booking' screen and will auto-fill the details from your original booking. To create a booking sequence from this, simply click to add dates - either "Add single date" or "Add multi-date".

Please note: As you have duplicated the original booking details, the original booking itself will not be included in the new Booking sequence. To ensure all dates are included in your sequence, make sure to include the original booking's date when duplicating. This will likely cause a clash notification to appear when you save the new sequence - which is expected. However, simply go to "Bookings" > "Bookings" and delete the original, non-sequenced, Booking that you duplicated from. This will also remove the clash.

Editing a booking sequence

When making changes to a multi-date sequence booking, you have the option to select 'Update Booking sequence', allowing changes made to the booking to also be applied to some or all of the other bookings in the same sequence.

Making changes to one booking in a sequence does not affect the rest of the sequence unless "Update Booking sequence" is selected.

When you select "Update Booking sequence?", you then have a number of options, giving you lots of flexibility to select which changes are to be applied across the sequence, and which sequence dates the changes apply from and to.

Adding dates to an existing booking sequence

You can add additional dates to an existing sequence.


Care should be taken when adding dates to booking sequences that are linked to events in your Calendar module - it's essential that the extra event dates are first added to the event sequence in the Calendar module, before adding dates to a booking sequence - this is so that you can link the added booking dates back to the added events in your Calendar module. Linking added booking dates to wrong events will result in mismatched events and bookings!

When viewing a booking, scroll down to the "Other bookings in this sequence" section and click 'Add to sequence'. The "Add booking" page open. Select whether the booking is "Linked" or "Not linked" (if linked, select the correct event date to link to - note the warning above!).

Click "Add single date" or "Add multi-date" to specify the date(s) you are adding to the sequence.

Click to save your booking and your sequence will be automatically updated to include the new date(s) - all booking details, like resources and booking types, are also automatically added to your new booking dates(s). The "meta" panel on the right hand side of the booking page lists all the sequence information and details of any linked events.

Deleting a single booking within a sequence

You can delete an individual booking within a multi-date sequence without affecting the rest of the sequence. Simply open the booking you wish to delete and click 'Delete booking' in the top right corner of the page. Only that one booking date is removed; the rest of the sequence remains unchanged.

You can also delete bookings from the Bookings index page by selecting "Delete booking' from the action cog on the right-hand side of the booking.

In both 'delete' methods above, you will be asked to confirm that you wish to delete that single booking.

If the booking is also linked to an event, you will have the opportunity to delete the linked event (and any event sign-ups too).

Delete an entire booking sequence

To delete an entire sequence click on any booking in the multi-date sequence, scroll down to the "Other bookings in this sequence" section and select "Delete entire sequence".

You now have the choice to just "Delete future bookings" in the sequence, or to also "Delete past bookings" too. Confirm your choice and click "Delete". If your booking sequence is linked to an event sequence, you will see an additional option to delete the linked event sequence and all event sign-ups.


When working with Bookings that are linked to Events in your calendar (e.g. internal bookings for your church's events), be careful when making changes to the booking dates/times or event dates/times.

Be sure to update the date/times change in both modules. This is especially important when linking a booking to an event after the booking has been created. If a linked booking or linked event has different dates, an Information message is displayed at the top of both event page and booking page, so you can correct the discrepancy.

The "Mismatched Events' report in the Bookings module > Reports also provides a complete list of any bookings and events that are mismatched.

Top Tip!

If in any doubt, the safest workflow is to create event sequences first, and then use the "Add booking" button at the top of the event page. Using this method will ensure a matching booking sequence is correctly created, with each event and each resource booking linked correctly. If you later need to extend a linked booking sequence, always begin by adding the dates to the event sequence, before extending the booking sequence - then you will have correct events/dates to link your extra booking dates back to.

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