Cancelling your subscription to ChurchSuite

We highly value all our customers and we hope you enjoy using ChurchSuite and find it useful and easy to use. If at any time you need help or are unhappy with the service or functionality provided, we do encourage you to get in touch in the first instance - we appreciate constructive feedback and will always consider making changes if reasonable and practical.

However, if you do need to cancel your account you can be assured that there are no contracts, hidden small print or tie-ins with ChurchSuite. All we ask (as per our Terms of Service) is that you provide 5 clear working days' notice of cancellation before your next billing date to avoid being charged for a further month's usage, which will be charged in full. Your organisation's subscription is renewed automatically each month on your billing date and is invoiced monthly in advance.

To cancel your account, navigate to the Billing section in the Administrator area and click Cancel account.

On the Cancel account pop-up, carefully read the consequences information and choose a reason. You will also be asked to confirm that all data that you wish to retain has been exported and that the account is ready to be deleted. Do not submit the form until you are ready to have your data permanently deleted and the account closed.

We will require verification of the cancellation from the designated Account Contact (set in Administrator > Profile) for your ChurchSuite account. If the request comes from the designated account contact then no further confirmation will be sought. The account will be closed and all data permanently and irrevocably deleted from our servers. We will confirm that the closure and deletion have been completed.

For more information about ChurchSuite's Terms of Service, click here.

For more information about ChurchSuite's current pricing, click here.

For more information about ChurchSuite's privacy policy, click here.

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