Refunding event tickets

ChurchSuite makes paying for tickets through your church event pages easier than ever, and with that, the option to fully or partially refund the ticket charge is just as intuitive and simple.

To issue any refund for an event simply head to the Event's page within the Calendar module and scroll down to the "Sign-Ups" section. From here, locate the relevant person's sign-up entry in the list and click the action cog on the right hand side of the page. Select "Refund" - you'll only see this option for sign-ups who paid online via Stripe.

The 'Refund sign-up' window opens, with a choice of issuing a full or partial refund back to the original payment card the sign-up was paid from. To issue a full refund make sure you select the top option and type 'I CONFIRM' into the text field at the bottom of the screen.

The process for issuing a partial refund is identical; simply select "Partial refund" and enter the amount you wish to refund.

Note: You should only issue refunds when someone is unable to attend the event and wishes to be reimbursed their ticket cost (either in full or in part). Processing any refund has the effect of cancelling the sign-up and removing them from the event sign-up list entirely - it's not suitable to be used a means of offering reduced price tickets. Therefore partial refunds should only be used when you are unable/unwilling to issue a full refund.

Once you have made a full, or partial refund, the cancelled sign-up is removed from the 'Sign-Ups' section and is added to the 'Refunds' section on the event page. The "Refunds" section will only become visible when the first event refund has been processed; otherwise this section is not visible.

Importantly, the Refunds section includes details of the original sign-up payment and the amount subsequently refunded.

Note that the refunded "sign-up" will not be included in any of the event communications, sign-up lists, delegate badges, reports, or "Add to Flow/Key Date/Tag" actions that can be created from an event's sign-up list. However, you can communicate with refunded sign-ups using the "Communicate" option in the Refunds section.

You'll even still be able to view the responses to any event questions asked on the sign-up form, by clicking on the cog icon next to their sign-up and selecting 'View'.

Please Note: It is not possible to move a refunded sign-up back into the active 'Sign-Ups' section. You can however add a new sign-up manually, or the person can re-sign-up for the event and pay for any 'pay' tickets in the normal way.

Refunds are processed by Stripe back to the sign-up's original payment card, and will be included in the Stripe Transfers report (Calendar > Reports). Refunds will include a proportion of refunded Stripe transaction fee for partial sign-up refunds, with 100% of the fees refunded where a full ticket refund processed.

Please Note: Partial refunds will not show up on the Stripe Transfers Report. This is intended functionality and due to a limitation in the Stripe API that only permits us to retrieve full refund transactions. You can, however, see partial refunds in your Stripe dashboard when you log in to your Stripe account.

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