Refunding event tickets

While ChurchSuite makes purchasing event tickets super easy, it's just as easy to process full or partial refunds where a sign-up needs to cancel.

To issue any refund for an event simply head to the event's "View" page within the Calendar module and scroll down to the Sign-Ups section. From here, locate the relevant person's sign-up entry in the list and select Refund from the Action menu on the right-hand side. You'll only see this as an option for sign-ups who paid online via Stripe.

The Refund sign-up pop-up opens, with a choice of issuing a Full refund or Partial refund back to the original payment card used to sign-up. Subject to your event or general refunds policy, select as appropriate and type I CONFIRM. Click Refund Sign-Up to complete the process.

For a Partial refund enter the amount you wish to refund.


You should only issue a refund when someone is unable to attend the event and wishes to be reimbursed their ticket cost (either in full or in part). Processing a full or partial refund has the effect of cancelling their sign-up and removing them from the event Sign-Ups list entirely - it's therefore not suitable to be used a means of offering reduced-price tickets and similarly, partial refunds should only be used when you are unable/unwilling to issue a full refund.

No ChurchSuite notification is sent to the sign-up/cardholder when processing a refund - full or partial. We recognise that organisations will want to send their own communication to refunded sign-ups, perhaps to elaborate further on the circumstances of the refund or the reason for only a partial refund.

Once you have processed a refund the cancelled sign-up is removed from the Sign-Ups section and is added to the Refunds section. The Refunds section becomes visible when the first refund has been processed; otherwise this section is not visible. The Refunds section includes details of the original sign-up payment and the amount subsequently refunded. Notice the options to Download refunds, enabling you to export a CSV file of all refunded sign-ups. The CSV file includes all the original sign up details - tickets, payments and question responses - and details of the refund.

While it's not possible to move a refunded sign-up back into the active Sign-Ups section. You can manually add a new sign-up within the Sign-Ups section, or the person can re-sign-up for the event and pay for any 'pay' tickets in the normal way.

Refunds are processed by Stripe back to the sign-up's original payment card, and will be included in the Stripe Transfers report. While there is no further card transaction fee incurred for issuing a refund, the original transaction fee incurred is not refundable.

Please Note: Partial refunds will not show up on the Stripe Transfers Report. This is unavoidable due to a limitation in the Stripe API that only permits us to retrieve full refund transactions. You can, however, see partial refunds in your Stripe dashboard when you log in to your Stripe account.

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