Refunding event tickets

While ChurchSuite makes purchasing event tickets super easy, it's just as easy for a Calendar module user to process full or partial refunds where a sign-up needs to cancel. Depending on your refund policy, note that you can cancel a person's sign-up without processing a refund.

To issue a refund, head to the event's "View" page within the Calendar module and select the Sign-Ups tab. From here, locate the relevant person's sign-up in the list and select Refund from the Action menu on the right-hand side. You'll only see this as an option for sign-ups who paid online via Stripe.

The Refund sign-up pop-up opens, with a choice of issuing a Full refund or Partial refund back to the original payment card used to sign-up. Where multiple people were signed up in the same batch, you can optionally process a refund for their sign-ups too. Notice also the option to Cancel signup and to type a Reason - which will set each selected sign-up status as Cancelled. In this way, you can optionally process a refund without cancelling the sign-up. Subject to your event or general refund policy, select as appropriate and click Save to complete the process.

For a Partial refund enter the amount you wish to refund. The refund amount cannot exceed the original full ticket amount paid.

Confirmation email

No ChurchSuite notification is sent to the sign-up/cardholder when processing a refund - full or partial; however, Stripe will send a card refund confirmation email.

Once you have processed a refund, and if you have not cancelled the sign-ups, the refunded sign-ups remain in the Sign-Ups section when viewing the Active sign-up list, with the appropriate refund information.

If Cancel signup was selected, the refunded sign-ups will show in the Cancelled list of Sign-Ups. A cancelled sign-up can be Set as active again if necessary, which will result in the sign-up surfacing in the Active sign-up list and shown as having received a Full or Partial Refund as appropriate.

Refunds are processed by Stripe back to the original sign-up payment card and will be included in the Stripe Transfers report.

There are no additional transaction fees incurred for issuing a refund. While the Stripe element of the original sign-ups transaction fee is not refunded, the 1% ChurchSuite application fee is refunded.

Please Note: Partial refunds will not show up on the Stripe Transfers Report. This is unavoidable due to a limitation in the Stripe API that only permits us to retrieve full refund transactions. You can, however, see partial refunds in your Stripe dashboard when you log in to your Stripe account.

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