What is Connect?

Connect is the name we've given to ChurchSuite's Sunday service and in-person event-facing functionality. The platform is a suite of applications designed to run on a device at your Information Point at weekend services and in-person events and a child registration/check-in point. Connect can be accessed by Users with Connect permissions through any browser or using the ChurchSuite Connect app for Android devices.

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Connect includes the following applications: -

  • the child Check-in system is used to register and check both regular and visiting children in and out of their groups
  • Event List enables people to browse a list of public/member-facing events and, where appropriate, to sign up
  • Group List enables people to browse a list or map of small groups and, where appropriate, to sign up
  • My Details is a customisable newcomer connect form designed to gather contact details and areas of interest for individuals and families
  • Donate is ChurchSuite's online giving platform (available in a browser Connect session only)

You can switch applications within Connect using the Select application menu in the bottom left corner of Connect (browser) or using the app Menu navigation.

Permitted users can access Connect in the following ways: -

  • using the URL login.churchsuite.com, entering a username and password and selecting Connect from the login options
  • using the ChurchSuite Connect quick link on the user's ChurchSuite Dashboard page (browser only)
  • using the Android Connect app, available from the Play Store for compatible devices (Donate isn't available in an app environment - browser only)

Ordinarily, access to Connect requires a user to be authenticated by logging in. However, if you are already logged in to ChurchSuite, the Dashboard Quick Links widget will take you into ChurchSuite Connect without requiring further authentication. Click the ChurchSuite Logo to return to your Dashboard.

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If you are prompted to log in (browser), select Connect.

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Connect access is determined by the User's permissions, requiring Administrator or Connect-specific module access to access each of the respective Connect applications. In this way, a Connect user account can have access to Connect only, with no wider access to the underlying modules - this is ideal for a church Information Point where team members only need Connect permission for selected Connect applications or, like the example below, where the Kids' team only need Connect access for the Child Check-In system, without any further module access.

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We've produced separate support articles for each of the Connect applications - see the related articles below.

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