What is Connect?

Connect is the term that describes ChurchSuite's Sunday service member-facing functionality. The platform is designed to run on a device at your church's Information Point at weekend services and events and at the child registration/check-in point. Connect can be accessed by anyone with Connect user permissions through any browser (below) or using the ChurchSuite Connect app available for Android devices.

Connect includes the following applications: -

  • the Child Check-in system - used for checking regular and visiting children in and out of groups at your various gatherings.
  • Event List - browse the list of public/member-facing events from the church Calendar.
  • Group List - browse a list or map of your small groups and to sign-up, where enabled, for the group.
  • My Details - gather contact details and areas of interest for individuals and families. In "Add" mode, it is ideal for use as a newcomer connect form and in "Edit" mode (optional), existing church members who may not have access to My ChurchSuite can manage their personal information.
  • Donate - ChurchSuite's online giving platform (browser only).

You can switch applications within Connect using the Select application menu in the bottom left corner of Connect (browser) or using the menu navigation (app).

You can access Connect in several of ways: -

  • using the login.churchsuite.com login page, entering your username and password and selecting Connect from the login options.
  • by adding /connect to your regular ChurchSuite login URL
    e.g. account.churchsuite.com/connect (where account is your church's subdomain name)
  • by clicking the Connect quick link on the ChurchSuite Dashboard page in the admin-facing system (browser only). Further quick links can be found for Child Check-In system in the Children module's Attendance section and for Donate in the Giving module's Givers section.
  • using the Android Connect app, available from the Play Store, on a compatible device (the app doesn't include Donate).

Ordinarily, access to Connect requires a login with your ChurchSuite username and password if prompted. If you're already logged in to ChurchSuite, the Dashboard Quick Links will take you to ChurchSuite Connect without requiring further authentication. Click the ChurchSuite Logo to return to your Dashboard at any time.

If you are required to login, ensure that Connect is selected.

Users will need either Administrator or Connect module access in order to access each respective Connect application. In this way it's entirely possible for users to be created that have access to Connect but no wider access to any of your underlying modules of your ChurchSuite admin-facing system - this is ideal for your church welcome desk where team members just need Connect permissions on their device in order to carry out their role, without giving unnecessary access to the data in your ChurchSuite modules.

We've produced separate support articles for each of the Connect applications - see the related articles below.

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