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You can easily embed certain ChurchSuite features into your website without requiring lots of technical know-how. ChurchSuite includes everything you need to customise each embed item, which will generate a line of HTML code that you copy and paste into the source code or embed block section of the appropriate page on your website. Once the HTML code has been added to a web page, the content remains up to date as new data is added or updated in ChurchSuite.

The following ChurchSuite features can be embedded:

  • My Details - a newcomer/visitor connect form that enables individuals and families to submit contact details and areas of interest via your website
  • Donate - an online giving platform for accepting one-off and recurring donations from new and existing givers
  • Small Groups - maximise small group engagement by presenting a menu of the small groups you offer, presentable as lists or maps
  • Calendar - a grid-view presentation of the event calendar
  • Event feeds - a visually-stunning list of upcoming events
  • Event pages - ideal for embedding just the signup form of an event
  • Forms - build your custom form and then make it available to website visitors

To help get you started we've created a demonstration website where you can visualise (and try out) all of ChurchSuite's embed functionality:

Further information about each of the above embeddable features can also be found in the related support articles below.

Looking for something more bespoke?

ChurchSuite provides a Developer API and JSON access* that a website developer can use to build custom-styled embeddable content for your site. We provide all the tools - you just need a competent developer to build!

*Eligibility terms and conditions apply

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