What happens when I archive a contact?

The Address Book archive makes it possible for you to temporarily retain key details about contacts who are no longer actively involved in your church. Appropriate use of the contact archive might include retaining someone's details when they have gone travelling and intend to return to the church, or where there is a legal obligation to retain a record of their involvement. When an individual has left the church and does not intend to return, you should delete their details rather than archiving them.

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Remember: It is your legal responsibility to ensure that you only retain data that is kept up-to-date and that is relevant to your organisation.

What happens when you archive a contact?

When you archive a contact in the Address Book, the following changes are made to their record:

Address Book module
  • The contact's status is changed from 'active' to 'archived and can be reinstated again if required.
  • Access to My ChurchSuite is disabled and all of their contact details are set to invisible in the "Public Communication" section.
  • All Tags are removed from the contact (only active contacts show in Tags). A changes log is recorded detailing all fixed and smart tags that are removed. Fixed tags are not reinstated if the archived contact is reinstated, but Smart Tags will if the reinstated contact satisfies the tag conditions.
  • Key Dates, Notes, Custom Fields, communication logs and change logs are retained.
  • The contact is removed from any active Flows they were in process.
  • The contact will not appear in the results of any reports, except the "Archived Contacts" report (see later in this article).
  • Relational links to spouse/partner and children in ChurchSuite are severed, but spouse/partner and children contacts are retained unless also archived individually. The archived contact will show "At this Address" in strikethrough when viewing the profiles of other household members.
  • Communication preferences and Privacy options remain unchanged, although the archived contact will not be sent any communications, nor be visible in My ChurchSuite.
  • Links to any ChurchSuite User account are severed, but the user account is retained and remains active until set inactive or deleted.
Children module
  • No other changes made. Any linked children remain linked to the archived parent contact.
Attendance module
  • Contact will no longer appear in the contact list when adding attendance week data.
  • Past attendance history will be retained.
Calendar module
  • Contact will be removed from all future events where they have signed up for a free ticket. All historic event sign-ups are retained against the events and remain linked to the archived contact.
  • If the event is in the future and the ticket is paid for, the sign-up record and payment will be retained and linked to the archived contact.
  • Past event sign-up history for free and pay tickets will be retained against the event and against the contact.
  • Past invites and event check-in attendance history will be retained.
Small Groups module
  • Contact is removed from all groups.
  • Historic group attendance data for the contact is retained across all groups, regardless of whether the group is archived or active.
  • Contact is removed from any small group roles held.
  • A "Left Group" Key Date is recorded against the contact before it is archived.
Rotas module
  • Contact is removed from any future dates where they are due to be serving on a rota.
  • Contact is removed from any ministries they are a part of.
  • Past dates where the contact has served on a rota are retained.
  • Contact is removed from any rota roles held.
  • A "Left Ministry" Key Date is recorded against the contact before it is archived.
Giving module
  • Giver is changed from being linked to a contact to being an unlinked ("non-member") giver.
  • Name, address and email details are copied over from the contact who has been archived.
Booking module
  • The contact is removed from all instances of being a booking contact on all past and future bookings; otherwise the bookings remain in tact.
  • The contact is removed from all instance of being a booking "Type" or "Resource" overseer.
  • Payment history for booking charges paid by the contact are remain in tact, even though the booking contact (booking customer) has been archived.
My ChurchSuite
  • All access to My ChurchSuite is revoked.
  • The archived contact ceases to appear in "Search for others".

Archiving children

Archiving children in your Children module broadly follows the same consequences as Address Book contacts, listed above. In addition...

  • Children are removed from all Children groups.
  • Children Group attendance history is always retained (even when a child is deleted)
  • Children remain linked to their parents in the Address Book (if parent is is Address Book)

How to archive a contact

There are several places within the Address Book and/or Children module where users can archive contacts or children.

1. From the contacts list, here in the Address Book, select "Archive" from the action cogs next to a contact's name in the list...

2. View a contact's profile and select "Archive" from the top right corner of their profile page...

3. And, you can "batch archive" multiple contacts using the batch actions available on a contact list. As you tick one or more contacts in the list, the "Actions" menu is displayed. Simply select "Archive" from the batch actions. 

Viewing archived contacts

You can easily view archived contacts that have not yet been deleted in the "Address Book" > "Contacts", and switch the filter from Active to Archived.

Note: Archived contacts will cease to show in all reports or search results - only active contacts can benefit from the functionality available in ChurchSuite modules.

Archived contacts will still show in the "At this address" section of an active contact's profile page. They are shown with a strikethrough. Hovering over an archived contact here shows "Contact has been archived".

The "Archived Contacts" (and "Archived Children") report is also useful, and is designed to filter a list of archived contacts (or children) and the matching list can then be exported to a CSV/PDF file, printed, or emailed as report.

Reinstating an archived contact to make them active again

Whilst viewing your archived contacts list in Address Book, click the action cog wheels next to a contact and select "Set as active" from the drop down menu...

...or click "Set as active" on the archived contact's profile page.

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