Managing event sign-up cancellations

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Overview of the intended functionality
Managing sign-up cancellations in ChurchSuite
Managing sign-up cancellations in My ChurchSuite

Overview of the intended functionality

It's sometimes the case that those who have signed up for an event are no longer able to attend. In these situations, it's easy for a cancellation to be processed - either by a Calendar module User or by 'the sign-up' themselves.

When 'sign-up cancellation' is enabled for an event, those signed up are able to self-cancel, either from within the member-facing My ChurchSuite or using the link embedded in their sign-up confirmation email. Processing a cancellation will send a 'cancellation confirmation' email to the signup and an optional 'cancellation notification' to designated event overseers.

Where 'Pay' tickets are involved, a Calendar module User with at least 'Manage' permissions can then easily process full or partial ticket refunds (for active or cancelled sign-ups) in accordance with your organisation's 'refunds policy' - we've produced a separate support article about processing refunds.

When using Event Check-In, only active sign-ups are surfaced in the check-in list. Those who have cancelled are not listed.

Allowing sign-ups to self-cancel

In order for people to self-cancel - either from the event page in My ChurchSuite or via a link embedded in their sign-up confirmation email - Allow sign-ups to cancel must be enabled in the event's settings. In this way you can allow sign-ups to self-cancel for some events but not others. Where self-cancellation is disabled, a Calendar module User can still process cancellations in ChurchSuite.

Working within the Calendar module on an event's 'View' page, select Edit [event] and tick to Allow sign-ups to cancel, located in the event's Sign Up settings. This option will only be available if event Sign Up is enabled. Show in My ChurchSuite must also be enabled if you wish contacts/members to be able to self-cancel from within My ChurchSuite.

Cancellation notifications for overseers

Designated event overseers can optionally receive cancellation notifications (and sign-up notifications).

Managing sign-up cancellations in ChurchSuite (Users)

Working within the Calendar module, navigate to your event's "View" page.

Select the Sign-Ups tab. Active sign-ups are listed by default but note the option to switch to viewing Cancelled or Reserved sign-ups. A sign-up reservation is created when a prospective sign-up starts completing the signup form - they have 30 minutes to confirm and submit the form, otherwise their sign-up will fail and their reservation will be released. Successful submission of the form will change the sign-up's reservation status to an Active sign-up.

To cancel a sign-up, select Cancel from the Action menu on the right-hand side.

On the Cancel pop up, optionally provide a cancellation Reason.

Where other people were signed up at the same time (i.e. using the "Add additional signup" option on the event page), their names will also be surfaced, so you can optionally tick their names as appropriate should you wish to bulk-process a cancellation for multiple people in the same batch. Once you are happy, click OK to complete the process.

A cancellation confirmation is sent to each selected sign-up that has an email address specified and notifications are sent to designated overseers (if enabled) - note that these are not shown in the event's Communication log but they are listed in their Address Book or Children module profile's communication log.

Switching to Cancelled view, the cancelled sign-ups are surfaced. Notice the Actions available to View the original sign-up details, to Set as active again, to Edit the sign-up's details and to View changes. The Delete action will not be available for sign-ups with 'Pay' tickets but where tickets have been paid online, a Refund action is surfaced - see our related support article for further information about Processing Refunds.

Finally in this section, notice that batch Actions are available to 'bulk' Delete or Cancel multiple selected sign-ups in one process - tick one or more sign-ups to surface those Actions.

When selecting the batch Cancel action you can optionally specify a Reason, which will be applied to all sign-ups being bulk-cancelled.

Managing sign-up cancellations in My ChurchSuite (Sign-ups)

Those signing up for an event can easily view their sign-up details using the button embedded in their sign-up confirmation email...

...or, for events set to "Show in My ChurchSuite", from the event's page in the My Events section of My ChurchSuite...

Clicking View, Cancel or Check-In will open the sign-up's details, with an expandable section for all the Sign-ups in the batch.

Expanding a section surfaces full details of their signup - their sign-up contact details, any question responses, ticket and payment details, and a unique QR code that can be used with Event Check-In where QR code scanning is used - see our related support article for further information about Event Check-In.

At the end of the form is a Request Cancellation button; only shown if "Allow sign-ups to cancel" is currently enabled in the event's settings.

Clicking Request Cancellation - where there are multiple sign-ups in the batch - reveals the option to Select the sign-ups you wish to cancel and optionally specify a Cancellation reason. From here the user can click Back - to close that section on the page - or click Cancel sign-up(s) to process the cancellation back into your ChurchSuite Calendar module.

Each sign-up with a valid email address will receive a sign-up cancellation confirmation, and designated event overseers will receive cancellation notifications (if enabled). Cancelled sign-ups are distinguished in strikethrough font. It is not possible for a cancelled sign-up to set their sign-up active again - this can only be done by a Calendar module user. However, a cancelled sign-up may still be able to sign up to the event again if there are spaces remaining.

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