Getting started with the Network module

Introduction to the Network module

Welcome to the Network module! This module is designed for networks to manage the organisations they have links with, whether that's storing information about a network of churches or organisations partnering with a charity. In this module, you can easily add organisations, optionally group them using Labels and manage member lists and roles. Key dates can be stored against organisations to track their engagement with your network and information about organisations can easily be embedded on a website. The module also includes a range of reports to help you better understand engagement and how your network is developing over time.

We encourage you to read this article in full in order to familiarise yourself with the module's key features and customisation options and to acquaint yourself with the basic concepts and terminology you'll see within the module and our other Network module support articles.

Network module features at a glance

  • Easily add or import and then manage the organisations that are connected to or belong to your network
  • Add custom fields to maintain additional organisation details that don't fit in ChurchSuite's standard fields
  • Group or categorise organisations using labels - ideal for targeted communication to specific groupings of organisation members or to filter organisation reports
  • Embed lists or maps of the organisations in your network on your website
  • Multi-site support - maintain site-specific or 'all sites' organisations
  • Powerful reporting to help you better visualise or understand your network
  • Scaleable, flexible functionality for networks of all sizes - there's no limit to the number or type of organisations you can maintain in the module

Next Steps

Review the module's settings: Head into the module settings via the cogwheel icon in the top right-hand corner. Review the settings, including deciding which fields are available for organisations and creating any custom fields you require.
Add Labels: This Support Article talks you through what you'll need to do to create labels for your Networks.
Add or Import Organisations: Check out this Support Article for more information.
Add Members to your Organisations: Check out this Support Article for more information. 
Add and Assign Member Roles: Check out this Support Article for more information.
Explore embeddable content: Set up embeddable configurations to display organisation lists and maps on your website. This Support Article tells you how.

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Here's a list of terms you may see across the ChurchSuite modules and in our support articles:

  • Labels help you to categorise your organisations. These labels allow you to easily filter reports or create relevant smart tags to communicate with particular subsets of your Network, as well as filter embeddable content.
  • Members are the people who are members of an organisation. Members must be a contact in your Address Book.
  • Organisations typically refer to the various external organisations in your network that you partner with - clubs, charities, churches, businesses etc.
  • Roles can be optionally assigned to organisation members to help you know who's who.

Got a question?

You’ll find the answers to most questions in our support articles - they're all available through the Support beacon located in the bottom-right corner of each page in the Network module - just search by topic, phrase or keyword. You can also access the Support Article library on our website. And if you still can't find something you're looking for, click to get in touch with one of the ChurchSuite team - we’re happy to help!

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