Scheduling emails (and cancelling them)

Scheduling emails, rather than then sending emails immediately has many distinct advantages; not least that you can time your communications to deliver when they have a greater chance of being read. It's also helpful when you need to set up some communications ahead of time e.g. before going on leave. Here's how to schedule emails using ChurchSuite.

Scheduling emails

Working within an email compose pop up window, notice the Schedule Email option in the bottom-right corner.

Clicking the date and time boxes will activate the Date Picker and Time Picker tools or type a future date and time that the message is to be sent. 

Once you have finished composing your message click Preview Email to preview the message. Click Schedule Email to submit the scheduled email to the queue.

Cancelling a scheduled email

If, having scheduled an email, you then find you no longer want the email to be sent, you can just as easily cancel it by using the Communication report in the appropriate module...

  • For communications sent to contacts from within the Rotas, Small Groups, Calendar, Attendance, or Address Book modules, head to the Address Book module's Reports section.
  • For communications sent to children from within the Rotas, Small Groups, Calendar, Attendance, or Children modules, head to the Children module's Reports section.
  • For communications sent to booking customers head to the Bookings module's Reports section.
  • For communications sent to givers head to the Giving module's Reports section.

Here's an example of the Communication report in the Address Book. Begin by filtering the report Dates or Method or Users to locate the scheduled message. The Date is the date the email was submitted to the scheduled email queue (not the date the email is scheduled to be sent from the queue).

Select Cancel email from the Action menu on the right-hand side of the list. Note that this option is only available up to the schedule date/time - after that undelivered/delayed scheduled emails can only be cancelled by the ChurchSuite Support team.

The Cancel Scheduled Email confirmation opens. Click Remove.

Can I amend a scheduled email?

It's not possible to recall a scheduled email for subsequent editing. Once an email is scheduled, it is immediately submitted to a secure mail queue ready to be released at the scheduled date/time. Security measures prevent emails being altered or tampered with after submission to the mail queue - it can only be cancelled and a new, amended email sent. You can use the Communications report (located in the module's Reports section) to locate and view the original message and copy and paste the content into a new email that you can sent. Don't forget to cancel the original scheduled email though (see above)!

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