Customising the My ChurchSuite home page and menu

While the majority of the member-facing My ChurchSuite content is driven automatically by the underlying modules in ChurchSuite, it is also possible to customise certain elements of the member user experience to use language and terminology familiar to your members.

Customising the My ChurchSuite home page welcome message

You can customise the My ChurchSuite home screen welcome message that members see after they log in - shown at the top of the Home page above your Featured Events.

Head into the Administrator section via Administrator in the top right-hand corner of any page in ChurchSuite, select Profile and then the My ChurchSuite tab:

To change the default message, scroll down and locate the Welcome message setting; click Edit and add a custom message in the pop-up provided. A wide range of text formatting and HTML editor tools are also provided allowing you to add links, images or other embedded content if you wish.

You may need to refresh your My ChurchSuite browser page to see your changes reflected on the Home page.

Customising the My ChurchSuite menu names

You can customise the default menu names used in My ChurchSuite, perhaps to suit language and terminology familiar to your members. For example, maybe you call small groups life groups or maybe you want to change My podcast to My sermon messages - no problem, here's how!

For each My ChurchSuite menu that you wish to customise head into the corresponding module's settings within ChurchSuite as follows...

My ChurchSuite menu
Which module?
Home Cannot be customised
My Communication Administrator > Profile
My Details Cannot be customised
My Children Children
My Events Calendar
My Groups Small Groups
My Rotas Rotas
My Giving Giving
My Podcast Administrator > Profile
Search for Others Administrator > Profile
Links Cannot be customised

Working within the Administrator > Profile section, click on the My ChurchSuite Options tab.

Scroll down to the Navigation settings. Click Edit to make changes to the menu item names (max. 20 characters). Note that it is not possible to change the icons associated with the menu names.

For example, here we've changed the Search for Others menu name to Church directory...

...which looks like this in My ChurchSuite...

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