Controlling editable fields for My ChurchSuite members

You can customise which fields of personal information that members to edit within My ChurchSuite. It can save considerable office admin time and help keep information accurate and up to date if members are able to manage their own personal information in this way. Of course, some fields of information may be 'internal-only' and you may not wish members to be able to update those fields - for example, a 'membership status' custom field. Here's how you can customise which fields they can see and what they can edit within My ChurchSuite...

Working within ChurchSuite head into the Address Book module's settings via the cogwheels icon in top right corner of the module and select the My ChurchSuite Options tab.

Scroll down to the Editable Fields section. Here you can select which fields My ChurchSuite members can edit. Bear in mind that under the EU GDPR data subjects have a right to access and a right to rectification. Compliance will be better demonstrated if you can allow members to edit/manage more of their personal information, even if that results in them choosing to remove information that they no longer wish you to process.

Continue scrolling down the My ChurchSuite Options page to the Custom Fields section. Here you can set the custom fields that can be edited (and which fields will be visible to other My ChurchSuite members in Search for others results). In the example below, the 'Member status' field has been set Visible in My ChurchSuite so that those using the 'Search for Others' feature will see each person's 'member status', but members are unable to Edit their member status. The 'Instagram' field is both Visible to all My ChurchSuite members and each member can Edit their 'Instagram' handle. The 'Ares of Interest' field is not visible to other My ChurchSuite members, but each member is able to Edit (manage) their 'Areas of Interest' options.

Remember to save any changes made to your module settings before closing.

Allowing contacts to link to their Spouse/Partner

One of the Editable Fields described above is Allow contacts to link to their spouse/partner from within their My ChurchSuite. Let's explore how this functionality works...

Intended functionality

Members can never see the My Children or My Giving details for any person - each member can only their own linked children and their own giving details. However, each member can see the linked children and giving of a their spouse/partner once they are linked (if the My Children and My Giving sections are enabled). For this reason, as a precautionary step, the spouse/partner will always be invited to 'approve' the linking before the two contacts are actually linked; at which point the spouse/partner's children and giving will become visible to the linked contact. See below...

It's helpful that members can manage their own spouse/partner linking - perhaps for when people get engaged or married. It's especially helpful when their marital status changes - if they separate or divorce - so that spouse/partner/child linking is correctly handled. With the 'in-built' confirmation safeguarding you can rest assured that no one is able to exploit the functionality to link to a spouse/partner to access another person's children or giving information.

When the Allow contacts to link to their spouse/partner option is enabled, all members, subject to their marital status, will be able to search for their spouse/partner's name and link the two contacts. In searching for their spouse/partner ChurchSuite will auto-suggest names from the Address Book as they type. The auto-suggested names are only for those whose privacy settings have Name is visible enabled.

On saving the changes - and before any linked My Children or My Giving details are shared - the member will see this message...

... and the selected spouse/partner will receive an email asking them to confirm the change (see below). Only when this confirmation is made will that member's My Children and My Giving information be linked to the member.

All changes to personal information made by members, including their spouse/partner linking, are recorded back in the Changes log on each person's profile page in ChurchSuite.

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