4. Send My ChurchSuite invitations to your members


My ChurchSuite is the ideal way for members to stay connected with one another and stay up to date with all that’s going on. My ChurchSuite is designed to help maximise member engagement. Through My ChurchSuite, members can manage their details and those of their children, sign-up for events, join small groups, keep on top of the rotas they’re serving on and much much more!

Access to My ChurchSuite is by an invitation process initiated from ChurchSuite, enabling you to fully manage people's access. Members can access My ChurchSuite through any web browser on any device, or using the free iOS or Android apps available from the respective app stores.

Before proceeding, see the related support article called Activating My ChurchSuite.

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Allowing My ChurchSuite login
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Bulk-sending invitations
Managing the My ChurchSuite invitation process

My ChurchSuite and Under 18s

My ChurchSuite is only currently available for adult contacts in your Address Book module. For safeguarding reasons we strongly discourage churches from adding children as contacts to the Address Book. In addition to potential safeguarding and data protection issues, those children will be prevented from participating in the other Children module functionality – like check-in, medical/additional needs/consents, groups and group attendance etc; or you will end up with duplicate children in two modules and risk having mismatches of personal data between the two child profiles.

Couples with shared email addresses

My ChurchSuite can be accessed individually by couples who share the same email address. While their login email address will be the same their passwords must be unique. Follow the above instructions for sending each partner/spouse a My ChurchSuite invitation email – the invitation emails are personalised. Each partner/spouse can respond to their email in turn, clicking their email link that allows them each to set up their unique password.

Now, when logging in, My ChurchSuite can determine which partner/spouse is logging in based on their shared email address and unique password, ensuring the correct contact profile and My ChurchSuite content is presented. Passwords cannot be shared by couples with the same email address as the system will be unable to distinguish who is logging in!

Customising the My ChurchSuite invitation email

You can customise the My ChurchSuite invitation email, perhaps adding content to introduce recipients to My ChurchSuite and explain why you're inviting them. Head to the Presets section of the Administrator area of your ChurchSuite or CharitySuite account and locate the My ChurchSuite Invitation. Select Edit from the preset Actions.

Highlighted below, ensure the Go to My ChurchSuite "merge field" is always present in the email body content. You can move it, re-label it, and add content before and after it, but the underlying ::my_registration_link:: merge field must be present. This essential merge field is used to generate each recipient's embedded registration link needed to access their My ChurchSuite account, and without it, recipients will be unable to register or log in. Note also that My ChurchSuite invitations can only be sent via the processes outlined later in this article - any attempt to "engineer" or use the preset or merge field in any other way will result in registration links not being generated correctly for the recipient.

Optionally customise the Email From Name and From Email address, perhaps adding a designated named individual or department and a managed email address that email replies will be delivered to. The HTML editor tools can be used to further customise the invitation message content, perhaps to embed other links or insert images and styled text. Remember to Save any changes made.

Allowing My ChurchSuite login

Access to My ChurchSuite can be managed on a person-by-person basis. You will be unable to send My ChurchSuite invitations and people will be unable to access My ChurchSuite if Allow My ChurchSuite login is disabled on their contact profile. Select Edit to make changes to a contact's details and to enable My ChurchSuite access. Note that access can also be optionally revoked at any time by disabling My ChurchSuite access.

You can use the Address Book module's Communication Options report to bulk change the My ChurchSuite access setting for multiple contacts. See the related support article for further information on Bulk-changing privacy settings and communication options.

Sending individual invitations

Viewing a contact's profile, select Send invite from the My ChurchSuite button menu. The option is only enabled if the contact has an email address and My ChurchSuite access is enabled - an email address is required to send the invitation and for the recipient to be able to log into My ChurchSuite.

The sent invitation email is logged in the contact's sent Communication log. The email also contains a summary of the person's current contact details, inviting them to update any incorrect details once they've logged in. Here's an example...

When a recipient clicks the button in their invitation email they are taken to the My ChurchSuite registration page in their device's browser to Enter your new password. App users will need to complete the My ChurchSuite registration before they can use their email address and password to access My ChurchSuite in their app.

After completing the registration process the My ChurchSuite Home page opens.

We've produced a My ChurchSuite User Guide, which you may wish to use in its current form, or as the basis for producing your own user guide customised for the features and functionality you use in your context.

Bulk-sending invitations

To bulk-send My ChurchSuite invitation emails to groupings of contacts or maybe even to all your contacts, navigate to the Communication section of the Address Book module. At the top of the page, select the contacts that you want to invite – either "All contacts" (Select all), a manual selection of contacts, or a grouping of contacts in one or more Tags.

Next, locate the Send My ChurchSuite emails button will send the email invitation out to the contacts you have selected.

Note the +OPTIONS – you can optionally Exclude contacts already invited.

Managing the My ChurchSuite invitation process

In addition to the Recent Logins and Inactive Contacts reports located in the Address Book module's Reports section, we also provide some useful Smart Tag conditions to help you monitor and manage My ChurchSuite engagement and usage. See the related support article for further information on creating Smart Tags.

Located in the list of field Options for the Address Book Module are options for Has My ChurchSuite Login (i.e. has Allow My ChurchSuite Login enabled), Invited to My ChurchSuite and Last logged in.

Using these conditions you can create Smart Tags with conditions that identify Address Book contacts who have/haven't been sent a My ChurchSuite invitation, or those who have/haven't last logged in to My ChurchSuite in the past X months.

For example, with a Smart Tag that has a condition for Invited to My ChurchSuite = 'No', you could use this tag to filter the Address Book module's Communication Options report to identify contacts who have yet to be invited to participate and bulk-update their Allow My ChurchSuite Login settings in preparation for sending them invitations.

Similarly, you might create a Smart Tag that identifies Invited to My ChurchSuite = 'Yes' AND Last logged in = 'Never' to see who has never responded to your My ChurchSuite invitation – perhaps to send them a reminder.

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