Personalise your email signature

Your can easily personalise the email signature that is automatically added to the footer when composing emails sent by a ChurchSuite User.

To personalise your own signature...

Head into your user account profile located just above Log out on the user menu in the top right corner of ChurchSuite. Select Edit from the Edit drop-down menu.

You can now add or edit the Signature. You have a range of HMTL Editor tools for formatting - e.g. Bold, Italics, Underline, font colour, font size. You can also embed images and links in a signature, perhaps links to your organisation's website or social media pages; or maybe to your Data Protection privacy notice. Click Save before navigating away from the page.

Now, when composing emails within ChurchSuite, the user signature is auto-inserted into the email "compose" pop-up, although you can clear the signature for an individual email if you wish. Email signatures add a professional touch to your Plain template emails; however you may prefer to use the Branded or Slimline Templates we provide (from the Template drop-down menu), which will format your emails using your organisation's branding (the logo, emblem and style colour set in Administrator > Profile).

Branded Header example with signature...

Branded Slimline example with signature...

Plain template example with signature..

To personalise the signature of other users...

Administrators are able to edit the email signature of all users - perhaps to apply some consistent formatting and standard content to the email signature of all those communicating on behalf of your church or organisation.

Working within the Users section of the Administrator area, select Edit from the Action menu.

Next, follow the instructions earlier in this article to edit each user's signature in turn; perhaps copying and pasting standard content into each user's signature.

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