How is my ChurchSuite invoice calculated?


Your ChurchSuite invoice is calculated based on your module selection and the number of contacts in your Address Book module in the 'active' section. That means that you don't pay for contacts with an 'archived' or 'pending' status, or for children in the Children module. Our pricing is divided into pricing tiers, starting at 0-99 'active' contacts.

Each ChurchSuite account also includes 2Gb of free file storage. Unlimited file storage is possible. File storage in excess of 2Gb is charged at 25p per month per full or partial Gb - for example, storage of 2.01Gb would cost 25p per month. For customers billed in Euros the monthly cost is €0.33/Gb and for those billing US$, the cost is $0.45/Gb.

Invoices are billed in advance and raised monthly on the anniversary date that you became a customer. For example, if you became a customer on 14th September in a particular year, your billing date will be 14th monthly. Our billing process is a task that runs daily between 1st and 28th of each month. If you became a customer on 29th, 30th, or 31st of a month, your monthly billing date will be the 28th. You can see your monthly billing date in the Billing section of the Administrator area in ChurchSuite, along with a list of all your historic ChurchSuite invoices. The Billing section is also the place where you can add or remove modules to your account.

How is each invoice calculated?

On the day that we raise your monthly invoice, we take a snapshot of your active Address Book size - in order to determine the pricing tier you are in - and also the file storage size you are using on that day. The pricing tier, your module selection and any file storage in excess of the free file storage limit is use to calculate your invoice.

Additionally, we review your active Address Book size and file storage size 10 calendar days before your next billing date, and where you are approaching a higher-priced billing tier, we'll sent the Billing contact an email to alert them to a potential upcoming increase in the your regular monthly billing.

Your monthly ChurchSuite subscription will automatically change as you add or remove modules, as your 'active' Address Book size increases or decreases, and if you exceed the 2Gb of free file storage.

Full details of our current pricing and the pricing tiers can be found on our website, or click here.

For UK customers, prices quoted are inclusive of VAT at the current rate.

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