How to activate My Giving for your church members in My ChurchSuite

The My Giving section of My ChurchSuite enables church members to view and manage their donations to your church, as well as (optionally) create Pledges and add Gift Aid Declarations. This can greatly improve the financial engagement of your church members, by making it as quick and easy as possible for them to manage their giving to your church. It can also save admin time too!

To activate the My Giving section on your account, begin by heading into the Giving module's settings - the cogwheels icon in the upper right hand corner of the page...

...and click into the My ChurchSuite Options tab.

Under Settings, select to Enable My ChurchSuite access and optionally use the Grant My Giving access to drop down menu to determine whether access to My Giving will be given to Only existing givers - by default access is grated to any church member with My ChurchSuite access. If restricting to Only existing givers, a further option becomes available to further Restrict My Giving access to tagged givers.

The remaining My ChurchSuite Options can also be configured. Optionally customise the My Giving menu Navigation label and add any custom Welcome Message to be shown at the top of the My Giving page.

Select to optionally Enable pledge management. Without this option enabled, givers will be unable to manage their online giving from within My ChurchSuite. You can also optionally add a brief customisable message that will be shown at the top of the Pledges section on the My Giving page.

To enable church members to add Gift Aid Declarations (UK churches only) to cover their donations, check the setting marked Enable declaration management. Note: To comply with HMRC Gift Aid requirements, your My ChurchSuite users will only be able to add a new Gift Aid declaration if they have a valid UK address recorded in the My Details section of their My ChurchSuite profile. Optionally add a brief customisable message that will be shown at the top of the Declarations section on the My Giving page.

Remember to click Save before navigating away from the My ChurchSuite Options page.

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