Using preset SMS messages

Sending Preset SMS text messages, like Preset emails, is a great way to save time if you have SMS communications you keep sending.

Using preset SMS messages

When you compose an SMS, there is a Preset SMS option to the right of the Send SMS window. This option only appears if at least one Preset SMS has been previously prepared. Selecting a Preset SMS from the drop-down list will copy it into the Send SMS "compose window", ready for you to further edit before sending, if you wish.

Preparing preset SMS messages

You can easily create your own Preset SMSs. For administrators, click into the Presets within the Administrator menu and select the SMS tab...

...And for users, click into the Presets within the Users menu. Here you will see a list of Presets that are visible to you - either those set as visible to All user groups, visible to Just Me (your own presets) or those that are visible to you because you are a member of one or more User Groups.

To add a new Preset SMS, click Add SMS message in the SMS tab:

The Add sms pop up opens. Give the preset a Name that you'll easily recognise when you need to use it (e.g. Newcomer Dinner Invitation). Enter the default SMS From. Note also the Visible to option. By default, Presets are visible to and available for use by All Users (not all members, just users!) You can optionally restrict visibility to Just Me (the author) or to one or more User Groups - see the related support article for further information on User Groups. Now you can type your SMS Message body content, perhaps using Merge Fields if you wish to use personalisation; or even select an existing Preset SMS's Message to insert and modify. Click Save when you are done.

Editing preset SMSs, perhaps to amend the visibility or change the message content, works in just the same way. From the Presets list select View or Edit from the Action menu on the right-hand side.

Subject to the visibility restriction settings, your newly created or edited preset SMS is now available for use throughout ChurchSuite anytime you're using the Send SMS option.

You can also create SMS Presets "on the fly" at the point of composing an SMS message. It's often the case that you're typing a message and you want to be able to Save the message to be used again.

Once you've typed your message - and before you click Preview SMS, notice the Save option on the right-hand side. Clicking Save will save the preset exactly as it is, creating a new version with an added sequential number each time you click "Save".

Saved Presets added in this manner are created with default visibility set to Just Me i.e. they are private to you as the creator only. If you wish to make your Preset more widely visible, follow the instructions above to Edit your Preset SMS and amend the Visibility restriction setting. Click Manage to navigate into the Presets section. Note: Unlike emails, which have an email Subject, Preset SMSs are saved with a Preset name comprising the first few words of the message.

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